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Photo by Gloria Plascencia

About Ilona 

A leading force in the Southern California tango community, Ilona Glinarsky is a dance visionary, public speaker, mindfulness practitioner and a successful tango event producer.


Known for her innovative approach, wisdom and warmth, Ilona teaches the principles of conscious relationship through the vehicle of Argentine Tango. Her Living Tango® method of experiential learning teaches students about communication, connection and relationship dynamics that apply both on and off the dance floor.


A multi-talented artist, Ilona is a classically trained musician, a dancer/choreographer and designer. As a committed tango activist, she has produced many free community events designed to educate the general public about the culture and true nature of social partner dance, such as Argentine Tango. She believes anyone can learn and enjoy partner dancing.


She has worked with amputees, the elderly and children, utilizing tango as therapeutic and educational tool. In her unique teaching approach, Ilona has synthesized her background in spiritual psychology with her skills as a musician and dancer and life coach.


Her personal vision is to make the world a better place, one step, one embrace, one dance at a time...


Events created and produced:


  • Milonga LAX -  one of the most popular Argentine Tango social events in Los Angeles taking place once a month (7 years and counting)

  • The Tango Experience - a weekly Argentine Tango dance social with lessons (5 years)

  • LA Tango Marathon - an annual international/interstate Argentine Tango weekend event (7 years)



Special Workshops & Presentations: 


  • Argentine Tango for Corporate: Aerospace Corp., El Segundo (weekly class - 16 weeks)

  • Argentine Tango for Corporate: Mattel Inc. El Segundo (weekly class - 8 weeks)

  • Tango Through Life - Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City

  • Reinvent & Live with Passion - the Neptunian Woman's Club. MB

  • Reset & Find Balance - Rotary Club, Queen Mary in Long Beach

  • Truth About Tango - workshop at ESMoA, El Segundo

  • Tango Through Life - Whole Life Expo, Manhattan Beach









Argentine Tango is a lot like LIFE; it is created in the moment, step by step…it requires our full attention and presence, it is based on connection to everything around, it is improvisational, it provides immediate feedback to what works and what doesn’t, every step and decision made by one partner instantly impacts the other…When we are able to relinquish the need to be in control and allow each moment to lead the way, we become ONE and open to experiencing joy and bliss. 

Tango is a powerful metaphor for a conscious relationship and partnership, where both masculine and feminine feel celebrated. It offers a safe place to practice empathy and compassion for both roles, leader’s and follower’s, without resistance or judgement.  

Tango is a perfect tool for personal growth,  transformation and expansion. At this time, when human connection gets often reduced to texting, e-mailing and hang-outs, social partner dancing offers a unique, fun and effective vehicle to creating an authentic meaningful connection to yourself and another.




Why Tango?

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