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Join me and  others  for a

FREE Meditation 

offered by

taking place via Zoom every hour of day and night.

All of us at the moment are having to navigate through stressful times as we deal with constant unpredictability, fear and isolation due to Covid19 pandemic. None of us were prepared for this kind of crisis, and none of us know when and if life will get back to the "old normal". 

Living in a limbo is never comfortable, yet this time also offers us some gifts and opportunities. The questions we have to ask ourselves are: how do we respond rather than react to what is happening around us and how do we use this time to grow and evolve.

I invite you to join me and others for a FREE Meditation session taking place via Zoom, available for drop-in each hour of day or night. (click on the link above to learn more and sign up.)

Let's keep the connection alive despite physical distancing requirements, support and inspire one another in this time of uncertainty, so we can get to the other side stronger, wiser and kinder to ourselves and others. 

Here is a great article on value on benefits of mindfulness practice and staying connected to others during the time of imposed isolation. 

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