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Life Coaching with Ilona Glinarsky

One-on-one sessions are offered via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime due to Covid-19. 

Are you ready to allow yourself to have all the LOVE, JOY, CREATIVITY and PASSION you have always imagined possible?

Even though the times we are living in are filled with uncertainty and worry, this is a perfect time for you to go back to your drawing board and start creating the life you desire and deserve! 


My true passion has always been coaching singles and couples, while supporting them in creating the "dance of life" they like to experience and enjoy. 


If you are tired of trying and are ready start MANIFESTING your desires and dreams, I am here for you!

*During this trying time for everyone, I am taking clients on a sliding scale. Let's make this work for you and insure you are receiving the support you need. 

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