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Listed below is a range of topics that can be custom-tailored to fit the needs of different groups and organizations. Interactive workshops will consist of lecture, discussion and movement blocks. Presentations may include live dance demonstrations upon request. 

The Art of BALANCE in life/work: 

Lessons from the dance floor

Applied MINDFULNESS in the Workplace:

Mindfulness training for corporate clients and organizations


Keys to living a life of passion and purpose 


Trading your "COMFORT ZONE" for the "NEUTRAL ZONE":

Embracing the unknown and utilizing it as a springboard to success 

The Power of non-verbal COMMUNICATION (Body Language): 

Training your body to communicate effectively and authentically 

It takes YOU to TANGO! 

Cultivating Self- Empowerment tools for creating your unique Dance of Life

It takes a TEAM to TANGO! 

Team-building through the lease of Argentine Tango!

Mindfulness in Motion x 2! 

Cultivating Mindfulness with another, through the exploration of the dance-inspired concepts

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