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What clients say...

“Ilona's presentation was full of passion and energy. Her life story was deeply moving and inspiring, full of honest emotions and insights...
Elaine Trotter, Neptunian Woman's Club of Manhattan Beach

“Tango, the way Ilona teaches, was a revalation. I learned things about relationship dynamics in such a direct visceral manner, that the learning has taken root and integrated. I learned that being in the "follower" role is not passive or submissive, but requires me to be fully present and responsible for my end, yet competely available and responsive at the same time... Her warmth, intelligence and humor make the process a delight."​
Mikhaila Stettler, Producer

"Ilona must be one of the best Argentine Tango instructors in the US...I fly all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles to be coached by her. With Ilona as my tango instructor I totally see mastering this complex dance at last!"

Walter Turner, Insurance Consultant, Chicago IL

“We look forward to having Ilona and Vladimir come back year after year to organize and teach at one of our largest public Tango events at the Music Center - Dance Downtown! No matter how large the crowd is, everyone gets to learn the Tango, dance under the stars and meet lots of fun people from all over LA and far beyond...”​
Rebecca Baillie, Progam Director at "Dance Downtown"​/Music Center, Los Angeles

“...Being someone who takes the lead and makes lots of decisions every day for my work, I have found Argentine Tango a wonderful place to practice surrendering, trusting and making compassionate connection with another...without words. There is simply no better partner dance that is a powerful metaphor for all things Life and Love...and Ilona makes a perfect, gentle and wise guide to lead the way.”​
Jodi McDaniel, Productivity Consultant

“Ilona has a true gift of finding the hidden root at the heart of the bigger issue. She is truly insightful, wise and to top it off has a heart of gold. What more could anyone need or want in a life/dance coach?”​
Ian M, a satisfied Coaching Client

“I felt very lucky to have met Ilona while filming a segment for my reality TV show at Third Street Dance Studio. To have her as our Argentine Tango instructor was such a treat. Although it was our very first encounter with this dance, we learned so much; the moves, the philosophy, the principals of connection and team-work, the romance... It was so much FUN, that the very next week I signed up myself and my fiance for a local tango class!”​
Antonia Steffans, Journalist & Producer of "Hous & Hof in Hollywood"

...I learned more from Ilona in just a few private lessons than in 2 months of daily classes with pro dancers in Buenos Aires!"
Gary Pace, Tango Student

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