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Here is a sample page depicting our lovely models Leone Izumi, Lauren Woods & Sachin Mehta. 


TANGO for TATAS calendar features beautiful images of some of our most popular tango dancers in Los Angeles who wanted to support this important cause. 

In addition the calendar will include birthdays of the most prominent Argentine Tango composers and bandleaders, as well as the most popular tango festivals in the US. 



Project Producer: Ilona Glinarsky

Photography: Johanna Siegmann 

Graphic Design: Shelley Delayne

Proceeds from this project go to:

SAVE THE TA-TAS FOUNDATION is dedicated to helping raise funds to Breast Cancer Research! Please visit their web site for more information: 

"Tango for Tatas" is a creative FUNdraiser for Breast Cancer research! 


Everybody loves tatas! From the moment we are born, they are a major presence in all of our lives. And perhaps nowhere more so than in Argentine Tango, where people are locked in a close embrace, chest to chest. 


Yet, despite our love and adoration for them, they continue to be stalked by cancer. One in 8 women will develop the disease, and one in 36 will die from it. Though inroads have been made for a cure, more research is needed. 


Thus, we created this calendar with the love and passion our community has for both Tango and Tatas!


We had a lot of fun putting together these playful yet meaningful images. Our hope is that they will not only make you smile, but also be a monthly reminder that while tatas are fun and beautiful, they need to be cared for.



Please join Ilona Glinarsky & Johanna Siegmann, and lets make a difference together! 


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